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Gate Motor Repairs South Africa have a solution for all your gate Motor Repairs and meet with that quick thinking and fast response time we are able to resolve many Gate motor problems within a very short time be this from faulty pc boards or any number of that may go wrong with a gate motor yes even including that dreaded lightning damage.

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The evolution is here with tried-and-tested methods of repair on all Gate motors found only at Gate Motor Company South Africa we supply quality Gate motors from all the best-known companies around the world with staff trained up to the most high standards that we know we’ll meet with your approval every time as well as repair your Gate motors with the minimum amount of delay saving you want sleepless nights at Long Days of worry.

At Gate Motor repairs South Africa where are able to service repair and install various brands of Gate motors to suit your specific needs at your home or office space. A gate Motor Repairs South Africa we are for you not only repairs and installation but also maintenance and service plan troubleshooting 24-hour emergency call-outs for all repairs be the remote control or electric components.

Without professional approach we are able to offer both services and maintenance of all existing Gate motor installations South Africa  as well as new with the best prices quick service and same-day repairs on various brands of Gate motor installations in South Africa.
So when thinking about installing or repairing your current Gate motors remember Gate Motor Repairs South Africa has everything you need under One Roof as well as the expertise you expect from a gate motor repair company.

Gate Motor Repairs, South Africa

The backbone of any type of gate motor installation is knowing which gate motor best serves your specific needs whether this be for a sliding gate or even a swing gate. Gate Motor Repairs South Africa is able to support supply the same high standards and quality workmanship to customers and surrounding areas so even if you not in the exact area we will make it our Focus to attend to your gate Motor Repairs services or installations no matter where you stay in the South Africa and surrounding areas providing you with unsurpassed quality of service and repairs no matter what.

So bear in mind that no matter what type of problems you have or are experiencing with your gate motor Gate Motor Repairs South Africa is here for you with all parts on hand and qualified technicians and support staff giving you great service at affordable prices every time we have repaired hundreds of Gate motors and understand what it takes to make the gate motor work like clockwork but quickly finding any faults and repairing these with trusted Solutions and spares.

So give us a call at Gate Motor Repairs South Africa and see you for yourself why we are the gate motor repairs evolution company in South Africa and surrounding areas all the time
Gate Motor Repairs, South Africa

Gate motor repairs and installations

We provide gate motor repairs and installation services in and around Pretoria. Gate motors has become very common in our modern society because of their convenience and security features. Below we have provided specifications and applications of different types of gate motors to help you chose the right motor for your gate.

Centurion D5 Evo Sliding motor

This is a domestic light industrial gate motor suitable for gates not more than six metre in length. This gate motor has been outstanding in the market because of its strength and user friendly LCD menu for setup and diagnostics. The Centurion D 5 Evo is the latest version in the Centurion domestic gate slider taking from the normal old D 5 which did not have an LCD screen on it.


Input voltage                                                                                                                   220 – 240V AC ± 10%, 50Hz
Motor voltage                                                                                                                  12V DC
Motor power supply                                                                                                         Standard 7AH battery Driven

Battery charger                                                                                                                2A @ 14.2V (charging voltage 13.76V) 
Current consumption (mains)                                                                                            170mA
Current consumption (motor at rated load)                                                                          10A
Operator push force – starting                                                                                             25.5kgf
Operator push force – rated                                                                                                17kgf
Gate mass – maximum                                                                                                      500kg
Gate length – maximum                                                                                                     100m
Gate speed (varies with load)                                                                                             18-22 m/min
Manual override                                                                                                                 Lockable door with key release
Maximum numbers of operations per day                                                                            150

Centurion D10 Heavy Duty industrial motor. 

This gate motor is a heavy duty 24V gate slider suitable for industrial, commercial and Estates where high volumes of traffic is involved or for heavy gates up to 1000kgs. The features and functions of this gate motor looks the same to the D5 except that this is bigger in size.


Operations in standby with 35Ah battery
half day                                                                                                            507
full day                                                                                                             489
Collision sensing                                                                                              Electronic
Operating temperature range                                                                           -15°C to +50°C
On board receiver type                                                                                    CENTURION rolling code (KeeloqTM encryption)
                                                                                                                         multi channel
Receiver code storage capacity                                                                       500 transmitter buttons
Receiver frequency                                                                                          433MHz
Degree of protection                                                                                         IP54
Mass of unit packed (standard kit,                                                                   13kg
excl. rack and battery
Packing dimensions (standard kit,                                                                   350mm long x 290mm
excl. rack and battery   

Centurion Vantage Vert X swing motors

These motors are suitable for only swing gates applications ,These motors can work on a single leaf swing motor or double leaf swing motor. You also get them in 400mm arm or 500mm arm depending on the size of the leaf and the opening angle. Vantage 500 which is the latest in the swing family can take a gate up to 4m and 200kg in weight. It is very advisable that if your swing gate is more than 4m cut it into two gates and make it a double leaf swing gates

Please contact for specifications

Things to consider in choosing the correct Gate motor for your gate

  1. gate length, this is important as it affect the distance in which the motor will travel
  2. gate weight, affects the size and amount of power the gate motor will need to operate the gate.
  3. gate traffic ,the number of openings and closings greatly affect the type and size of motor to use

Generally if the right gate motor is installed for your gate it will assure you of a longer life span for your gate motor , We discourage short cuts and cutting prices on this decision as cheap things can be expensive in maintenance and repair fees in the long run.

Basic Gate Maintenance                                                              

Gate maintenance is something most automatic gate users often overlook yet it is one of the major contributing factor to most gate motor break downs. One of the reasons for this is users usually assumes that all is well for as long as they can press the remote button and the gate is working. But before going into maintenance practices we need to establish the purpose of the gate motor.

Gate motor is meant to perform the following

  • automate the gate that is opening and closing the gate using your remote
  • provide convenience as you wont need to come out of your car in bad weather to open the gate
  • provide security as the gate motor locks the gate from opening by hand hen its engaged and closed

Gate motor is not meant to perform the following

  • open and closing a heavy gate because its too heavy to open manually

So basically this tells that a gate motor is meant to open and close a smooth running gate , so the basic maintenance principle is centered on making sure the gate is running smoothly all the time.

Basic steps

  1. put your gate on manual and feel if the gate is moving freely
  2. check your gate wheels if bearings are not damaged or worn out
  3. keep the rail where the wheels roll clean
  4. in the event of continuous power cuts please operate your gate manually until power is restored

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