Q: Is the Audio on an Intercom system clear?

A: The Audio needs to be crystal clear at all times for safety purposes

Q: Are there payment plans for Intercom Installations?

A: Many Intercom companies offer packages but it is advisable to make sure of all the T&C’s before accepting one

Q: Are Gate Motors installed for safety

A: Yes, The reason for this is to assist in avoiding Hijackings taking place.

Q: Can Gate Motors be protected from being stolen.

A: Many Gate Motors are fitted with anti-theft bars to avoid from happening

Q: How long does a Gate Motor Last?

A: Gate motors can last for many years depending on if they are maintained or not.

Q: Do All Gate Motors run on rails?

A: No, Some Gate Motors work with extending arms for swing gates.

Q: How can I avoid serious repairs to my gate motor?

A: This will depend on if the gate motor is maintained regularly or not